MLG Heating & Cooling  System Design
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Who We Are​​
MLG Heating and Cooling System Design is a British Columbia based company whose primary objective is to design the heating and cooling systems for your new home to meet the needs and desires of you and your family. We not only design the system to run as efficient as possible to guarantee the longest lifetime for your equipment, but also to provide you with a system that can do exactly what you want it to do for you in your home. It's our primary goal to communicate with the homeowner throughout the design and provide all possible solutions to meet their needs.
What We Do
  1. Consulting
    If you have problems or questions about your current system, simply provide us with the necessary information and we will review the system to find answers or solutions for you.
  2. Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction
    It's our primary goal to leave you fully satisfied with the design of the system. Our job is not complete until we have met your needs.
  3. Heat Loss/Gain Calculation
    Heat Loss/Gain Calculation
    Simply provide us with the plans for your new home. We will discuss the needs of you and your family and provide the options available. Once decided, we will perform the calculations and design the system to meet your requirements.